Testimonials: What They Say

We love our customers at Debbie’s bakery in Port Neches. We are fortunate to have creative customers with fun ideas, it makes the work fun and delectable. We are also fortunate that our customers generously help spread the word, share photos and referrals. We couldn’t make it (or bake it) without ’em!  See below for some of the sweet quotes and testimonials from our friends across Southeast Texas, and check back for new posts….

“That’s the best place to buy a cake. I got one today. It is awesome!!!!!!!!”  – Cheryl C. | August.

“Best cakes anywhere and everywhere!”  – April O. | Oct.

“Wow!!!! Beautiful. Looks like something off of Cake Boss” – Deb S | March

“The cakes looked amazing and tasted absolutely fantastic!! thank you soo much Debbie!!!” – Candice S. | July

“She does make the best cakes!”  – Amber R. | March

“Thanks so much for my surprise shower cake. Not a bite was left. It was wonderful!!!” – Jennifer D | Aug.

“How freakin’ cute!!”  – Melissa T. | August

“The snicker doodle was amazing!!! It melted in my mouth!!!”  – Cindy B. | August

“I just saw my little girl’s pupils dilate when she saw this…”  – Jonathan N | Sept.

“The almond fudge is awesome!!”  – Lecia M. | Oct.

“The cake pops are the bomb…better than anything” – Pat O. | March

“Debbie truly out-did herself this time. How’s she gonna top this beauty…?”  – Roseanne M. | March

“Wow wow wow. Too cute.” – Mitzi D | March

“Holy Moly! That’s pretty awesome!” – Pattie S. | March



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